Travel Info

Getting around the Festival

Bath is a small city and easy to get round on foot, but it’s also well served by city buses into the evening.

Larkhall (Rondo Theatre) is on buses 6A&7, and not at all far from the no.3 (ask for Grosvenor Place).
The University of Bath is on buses U1&U2.

Getting back late

Trains run back to Bristol about hourly until after 01:10 except Sunday when it’s 23:56.
Trains run to Chippenham and as far as Reading & London Paddington until 22:45 except Sundays when it’s 22:23.
They also run to Bradford, Trowbridge, Westbury, & Frome at 23:38 except Saturday & Sunday when it’s 23:27, and, fatally, on Sunday it only goes as far as Westbury (last to Frome 21:06).
Check engineering work before entrusting yourself to the last train in vain.

Buses to Bristol via Saltford & Keynsham run all evening hourly until 1am (except Sunday 11pm), and there are now night buses from central Bristol into the suburbs too.
Buses also run from Bath to Frome, Bradford, & Trowbridge and all points between until 23:10, except Sunday.

Bath Tourist Information

For information about where to stay and what to do during the day in Bath (apart from going to FAB fringe art shows and supporting our advertisers and sponsors, natch) your one-stop for all the information you could need is Bath Tourist Information. And for extra convenience, Bath Box Office is in the same building!
p: Bridgwater House, 2 Terrace Walk, Bath, BA1 1LN, 9:30-5:30 Mon-Sat (10-4 Sun).
t: 01225 614420
They have an informative website at