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Bath Fringe 2019 Programme

History of Bath alternative festivals 1969-79 by Corinne D’Cruz

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ACE Project 2012 Evaluation
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Children Protection 2010 (Updated)
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Out of the Shadows Report – Mark Bishop
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Poetry written at Bath Fringe Young Person’s Poet Laureate workshops

Some Fringe 2012 documentation

Bedlam Sunday by Piers Awdry
Bilbobasso by Chris Greenwood
[wow! well worth revisiting that one!]
Voyager by Chris Greenwood
[catch up on that little mystery]
Voyager Crew and Preparations by Chris Greenwood
[these people did it!]
Nina Conti at the Spiegeltent, by Chris Greenwood
Andy Hamilton at Komedia, by Piers Awdry
All of Chris’ sets here:
and Video too!
A neat overview of  Bedlam Fair plus a feature on the Ministry of Burlesque show at Komedia


If you want to see some great pictures of recent Fringes, look at our flickr page (compiled by – and the associated flickr Group. click here.

We’ve moved the earlier pics to photobucket because there wasn’t enough room. The Group name there is also “bathfringe”. Clicking on this ought to get you there.

AND we’ve now got a youtube channel with Jasper’s videos of past Fringes. It’s at
– or just search ‘bathfringe’ in channels on youtube.

The ones which didn’t fit (because they were too long) can be found on google video through an ordinary search.

A nice set of pictures of bedlam 2014 here, thanks to the photographer Richard Westlake.

Bedlam 2014 by Mallabar Film.

Nice vid of Bedlam Fair and Cacahuete here, by Bath College student Simon Burdall. Big thanks to him!

Some Bath Fringe 2011 on YouTube: • CW Stoneking – • Mud Morganfield – • Beginning of ‘Mama’s Funeral’ – and • FAB Arty Trickery – • Circolombia jump out of the top of the picture • Mud (less good sound) – • Burlesque Afternoon – and (with cameo role for pint glass & handbag) • Boom Stage –, (fighting sound leakage from DJs) plus • Morris Dancing? –