Bedlam Fair

Bedlam – Getting back out there!

There will be a Bedlam Fair in 2021 – though we didn’t get a grant for it this year, we have resources left from the 2020 event that didn’t happen – and we will be in our usual stomping ground of SawClose, Kingsmead Square and around on Sunday June 27th.
Our experience in October last year showed us that we will have no problem running an event of suitable performances whatever the level of distancing required, so come as you are and we’ll deal with it together.

Full details of this event are downloadable at the bottom of this page and see individual act pages for the following:
Natural Theatre Company of Bath
ad lib roaming throughout the afternoon
Mufti GamesHangman L_ve
Saw Close at 1:45 and 3
16 RPMThe Carpeters
Westgate St. at 1:45, Saw Close at 3
Rimski PianoRimski & Handkerchief
Kingsmead Sq. at 1 and 3, Saw Close at 4:30
The Bureau of Silly Ideas
New St. at 2:15, Westgate St. at 3:45
The Pink Milkfloat
Kingsmead Sq.
…and, we have no doubt, more…


Bureau of Silly Ideas Saturday event
There is also a seperate and different BoSI event on the Saturday at the Holburne Museum. Read more about that here.


Bedlam Related Events

There are also bedlam associated companies and projects happening outside the weekend – time and space will not constrain them, oh no… – so see also:
Ramshacklicious Club Supreme – supported and co-financed via the Fringe’s Outside! Now!! Participatory Performance Project.
Digital Playground – co-financed by Bath Fringe
Natural Theatre other performances – Dirty Bath and Shakespeare Undone
Curious Company in Department of Complaints
…and more to come in the Fringe’s empty shop project.
And of course there’s this wonderful exhibition about our inspiration the Bath Arts Workshop



Download a Bedlam programme [act details] here, and a timetable here.